Your Neighbors: Tony’s Story

Tony, now 8 years old, has struggled with speech issues his entire life.

“In the past, people had trouble understanding him,”  said Elizabeth, Tony’s mom. “It was hard for him to understand why.”

Elizabeth, a single working mom, needed an extra hand. Thanks to CNE’s partnership with Tony’s school, we were able to match Tony with one of our speech and language therapists to work with him during school hours. Now, two years later, Tony’s speech issues have greatly improved and he isn’t afraid to start up conversations anymore.

“His speech therapist knows exactly what she’s doing and she and Tony have developed a beautiful relationship,” Elizabeth said. “We are so grateful for the change she’s brought in our lives.”

Tony agreed. “She asks me to say words that I have trouble with and after we practice then I know how to say it properly.”

CNE partners with eight North Suburban early childhood programs to provide consultants for hundreds of children who struggle with developmental delays. These consultants are highly qualified in speech and language, mental health, and occupational and developmental therapies.

With your year-end gift, more students like Tony can get the developmental help they need to succeed in school and in life through CNE services. Please consider making your year-end gift to CNE today at


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