Your Neighbors: Angela’s Story

In early 2015, Angela came to us seeking child care for her sons, Brent and Michael. As we evaluated their situation, we discovered that both boys were behind in motor and communication skills, social-emotional behavior, and problem-solving. Michael also engaged in excessive temper tantrums.

As we built a relationship with Angela, we learned she had recently escaped a domestic violence situation and the boys’ father was removed from the home.

We know that in order for children to experience success, the entire family has to be healthy. We matched Angela with one of our home visitors, who meets with Angela and her sons once a week to engage them in activities that promote healthy development and more appropriate behaviors.

Despite her complex situation and difficult schedule, Angela has never missed an appointment with her home visitor. She is also an active participant in CNE’s bi­-weekly socialization events, where she and her children engage with other CNE families.

Just last month, Michael and Brent were re­-screened and scored above the threshold for developmental delays in all areas! We are so proud of their progress and look forward to working with Angela and her sons in 2016.

Each year at CNE, we work with 550 families in the Northern Suburbs who have stories like Angela’s . Please consider being a part of our work by making your year-end gift today at


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