Your Neighbors: Jane’s Story

Six years ago, Jane,* who lives in Skokie, married the man of her dreams and began pursuing her career in medicine. This summer, Jane’s world turned upside down when her husband suddenly passed away. Shortly after, she discovered she was pregnant – with twins.

Jane spends all of her time at school, studying and working for her monthly stipend from the university. Because of that stipend, her only form of income, Jane does not qualify for child care assistance under the new state guidelines.

As a single, new mother and Ph.D student, with no family nearby, Jane is at a loss for what to do next. Without financial assistance, she’ll have to drop out of school to care for her two new babies and will lose her only source of income.

We don’t want Jane to lose sight of the dream life she set out to create. With your gift today, we can connect Jane to the child care she needs so that she can be a mother of two and a doctor.

To support Jane, and the hundreds of neighbors in our community with stories just like hers, please consider a gift to CNE today at

*Names changed to protect the privacy of our clients


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