Our Work Continues: Childcare for our Community

We thank each of you who raised your voices, shared your stories, and fought to help your neighbors and your friends. We worked together to try and restore a program designed to support working parents’ access to quality care for their young children.

Last night, the Illinois House of Representatives failed to pass SB570 by just one vote. The bill, originally introduced in response to Gov. Rauner using his executive powers to enact emergency rules to significantly restrict access to the State’s IDHS Child Care Assistance Program. The changes that went into effect on July 1 eliminate access for an estimated 90% of families otherwise eligible – families who are in desperate need for assistance to pay for child care when they are working or in an education or training program.

The next step in the process is Tuesday, Nov. 17, when the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) will convene to consider the revised emergency rules for CCAP announced by Gov. Rauner this past Monday. While those changes are not the full step needed to ensure that the governor cannot once again enact such damaging changes to CCAP without warning or debate, they do raise CCAP eligibility from 50% of the federal poverty level to 162% of the federal poverty level and remove several other restrictive elements of the governor’s July 1 CCAP changes.

Please consider a gift to CNE today to support your neighbors by giving at bit.ly/CNEgive.

We urge JCAR to approve and enact the new emergency rules increasing CCAP eligibility at their meeting next Tuesday

Thank you again for your continued efforts to support our children and families. We’ll continue to update you as we all work together to advocate for quality care for young children here in the Northern Suburbs and throughout the state.


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